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Title : Zugzwang | Album
Release Date : February 12, 2016
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Format : Digital Download

mg ZUGZW back

noun: zugzwang


1.  a situation in which the obligation to make a move in one’s turn is a serious, often decisive, disadvantage.”black is in zugzwang”.

I wanted the Title of this New Album to spark and intrigue my listeners’ minds, for those who already knew the meaning–to really catch the purpose of the Album’s title and for those who didn’t know; would want know exactly what it meant.

To me, this Album “Zugzwang” is the most personal body of work that I’ve ever created and released. The [D Rich] produced title track which is also the “Intro” expresses how I currently feel about the state of the music scene in the city that I’m from.

The second track “Mama Proud” also produced by [D Rich], is based on actual events that have taken place in my younger years in my hometown of Palm Beach County, FL. which I could presume that many troubled Inner City Youths around America or better yet the World can probably relate to.

The Self-Produced [MgOnTheBeat]  record is pretty much what the title intel’s, I speak on a lot of the pain and struggles that I’ve been through in Life thus far along side Kool Boo Booski.

The [Audio Architeks] Produced “Can’t Walk” I turn on the fun and playful Jest Rap that also brings you an energetic Club Vibe, all the while taunting jealous boyfriends and so called haters with word play and lots of sarcasm.

The [MgOnTheBeat] Track #5 “My Bitch Back” is yet another personal song of mine’s. A subject matter and emotions that I think every man in the World have felt at least once in their Lifetime; “The One that got away”. We’ve all reminisced about how things used to be with that one Girl at one point another. This song is basically about wanting her back.

Pat Bo Squeeze turns it up with “Tell The Truth” over another self-produced [MgOnTheBeat] track that will blow your speakers (Disclaimer).

“I Got The Juice” Produced by Grammy Award Winning Producer [Zaytoven] is a catchy uptempo banger for the clubs and the streets Featuring Bukkweat Bill.

“Dirty Dirty” Featuring Dro Da Beast channels on shear swag and catchy punchlines over another [MgOnTheBeat] production.

“Die Die Die” one of the more quote end quote “different” song on the Project Featuring Ikabod Veinz and Bukkweat Bill; is full of energy, bravado and the hook is a little unorthodox along with weird flows–over a beat tag teamed by me [MgOnTheBeat] and [Bukkweat Bill] himself — is sure to get you where you turned up at a Party, Club, on the Trail, in the Gym or in your Car.

I gave another heartfelt dictation of a thugs point of view on Love in “How Will I Know” I get personal once again while sharing true events in my Life with you the Listener.

Last but not least the most personal song of them all; is the Foreigner sampled “Feels Like The First” dwells deep into my past. I opened up a New Chapter inside the mind of Da BadGuy over all, something that YOU the New Listeners and my Long-time Fans can get used to hearing from me in Future albums to come.

All the songs was recorded at G.O.B Studios then Mixed and Mastered by the King [GoldFinger] of G.O.B Studios. All Album Artwork was created by the Beautiful and Talented Marta Olejnik.

All-in-all this will be my best album yet, give it listen and hear for YOURSELF. Thanks for tuning in. 🙏

MG Da BadGuy – Zugzwang (Album) [Digital Download]

  • Produced By: MgOnTheBeat, Audio Architeks, Zaytoven, D Rich, Bukkweat Bill 
  • Featuring: Ikabod Veins, Bukkweat Bill, Pat Bo Squeeze, Kool Boo Booski, Dro Da Beast 
  • Mixed and Mastered By: Goldfinger at G.O.B Studios
  • Artwork By: Marta Olejnik
  • Genres: Hip Hop/Rap, Music
  • Released: February 13, 2016
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