Michael Lewis better known by his stage name M.G, is an American hip hop artist from West Palm Beach, Florida. M.G began his career in 2001 writing and producing his own music as an outlet from the harsh realities of life.

Early Life:

Michael Lewis was born in West Palm Beach, Florida. He was raised by his single mother and had no fatherly figure to look up to growing up. M.G was influenced into the life of the streets and began selling drugs to help gain income to ease the pressure off his mother, however he knew that wasn’t the life he wanted to lead so he began to write music and produce beats. He got caught up with the wrong crowd and started to face legal issues along the way. While he was in the process of going through the legal system he met with the man who would start to change his life for the better and become his mentor in the music industry, a local producer known as Goldfinga. Goldfinga assisted M.G in honing his talents to better himself musically and in life. When M.G finally got sent to prison for the crimes he had committed, his mentor never abandoned him and helped him mentally through his sentence. In 2008 M.G was released with a new mindset, to take over the music industry. He again enlisted the help of Goldfinga and began to spend countless hours in the studio recording new music and creating new beats.

Personal Life:

M.G is a work-horse, constantly in the studio perfecting his craft and writing new music to tell his story. In late 2012 his new inspiration in life and in his music came into the world, his first born child ML Jr. M.G has three younger siblings who of which he tries to be a positive influence for. He spends his time away from being in the studio with close friends and his family.


Associated Acts:

Pastor Troy, Gorilla Zoe, Zaytoven, Foxxamillion, Straight Dropp, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross.