The Big Bad Wolf

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Title : MG Da BadGuy - The Big Bad Wolf
Release Date : January 12, 2020
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Catalog ref. : 15
Format : Digital Download


The Big Bad Wolf 

“To protect the Sheep you have to catch the Wolf”.

In a Time where a lot of Artists claim to be goats (greatest of all time) — which to me has become watered down and overused, nowadays even Freshman Artists are using the term. I felt the need to take a different path as usual and take on the role of the Wolf.

From this came the title of The Album, that-which opens the Project with a clip from Training Day — when Denzel rants “it takes a wolf to catch a wolf” followed by the titled song “The Big Bad Wolf” banging an aggressive beat with a lot of horns — that demands respect. After that comes “Yeah” inspired by my famous battle cry adlibs, a grittier side of me that brings out a lot of bottled up emotions.

There after comes the Slick Rick/ Project Pat inspired “Don’t Turn Around” that gives off my art of story telling side at its best — over pulsating drums and a hypnotic melody; that will remind you of early Three Six Mafia. Soon after that I go back to my roots for “Against All Odds” as an ode to my 2004 Hit Song “Only Time Will Tell”. Ironically Time has told and yielded this 9th L.P of mine; I’m still here! The song juxtapose just that.

I climbed my way up out of hell!!.

Onto “So Many Knives In My Back”, similar to the classic backstabbers by The O’Jays — brings a harmonic twist to the old saying. Followed by “How I Vent” where I touch on my creative process; how I needed to experience different ups and downs throughout my Life in order to write and freestyle the songs in these 9 Albums.

Then I pivoted to “Without My Baby” the song speaks for itself — it’s for every Man that can’t live without that special Lady in his Life. I saved my personal best for last with “The Reaper” layed over another cult classic sample that’s demands respect and praise — ending the Album with a bang and a smooth exit; into what’s to come neXt. –MG!🙏

All songs were recorded at G.O.B Studios. Engineered and Mixed by the King Goldfinger. All Album Artwork was created by the Beautiful and Talented Marta Olejnik.

MG Da BadGuy – Big Bad Wolf [Album Credits]

  • Produced By: MgOnTheBeat, Goldfinger
  • Featuring: Me, Myself and I
  • Mixed and Mastered By: Goldfinger at G.O.B Studios
  • Artwork By: Marta Olejnik
  • Genres: Hip Hop/Rap, Music
  • Release: 1-12-2020

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