Welcome 2 Tha Ville

Band :
Title : Welcome 2 Tha Ville
Release Date : September 3, 2004
Label :
Catalog ref. : 02
Format : Digital Download

About Welcome 2 Tha Ville,

Released in 2004. Produced by Me, Myself and I, this project was my second album ever; at the ripe age of 18 years old. Right from the Intro of the album, you can pretty much hear the hunger in my voice over the aggressive synths and 808s. High energy and story telling song after song, this album was a major spark for the beginning of my career as an artist.

This album was also feature heavy, with a young cast of other up and coming artists, the likes of; young Vandam BodySlam, Shiddy B, Castle Mott, Step 1, Young Gudda, The Wild Pair and Jimmy Gramz. With those features intact, I was able to articulate my Vision and perspectives on how I saw things as an 18 year old in the rough streets of Palm Beach County, Florida.

Welcome 2 Tha Ville is pretty much a Soundtrack to what was going on around me at that specific time and place in Life; the shoot outs, the robberies and high speed chases mentioned throughout the record were really happening. Welcome 2 Tha Ville is truly a documentary, a reflection of what Life was like on Tamarind Ave and over the Hill in Shermville back in 2004. Enjoy this old classic.

Thanks to all the one’s who’s been supporting and riding with me Since Welcome 2 Tha Ville! 


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