Welcum 2 My Wurl L.P.

Release Date: 2015-02-11
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About “Welcum 2 My Wurl”

2011 was…, well, I can truly say that 2011 was a blessed year for me, because just a few months before the ball dropped to 2011 I survived a deadly car accident in Miami FL. on August 15th 2010 that instantly killed the driver Nestor Nogues (R.I.P), but prior to the accident I was formulating this album, so once I did heal up by the grace of God I continued recording and finished it.

Funny thing is, before it earned the title “Welcum 2 Wy Wurl”, it was going to be titled “Vol 2” to my “I Am Da 1” album from 2005-2006. Nevertheless, some how this “Welcum 2 Wy Wurl” title stuck to me in a special way and the rest was history. At the time, I felt that many people didn’t know me as well as they should have and this album kind of pointed out some specifics about me; with Songs like “Take no shit” produced by Big One or “Trouble Seen” feat my Younger brother King E. repping Bloody Bands in South Carolina, also produced by Big One. Those particular tracks and many more of their kind, was recorded to give you a good perspective of me as a person…

A few songs from the album was influenced by my late friend Nestor Nogues who passed away in the accident. Hours prior to the fatal crash we both were enjoying life on South Beach, he was a Cubano who went through many trials and tribulations in life himself, fate would have it we crossed paths and he took a liking to me so he felt the need to give me some game time to time. That which I’ve honored till this day, because some of those things were the last things that he said to me. I remember him listening to my “Bak on Dat G Shyt” album and him saying “I liked this” but if you come with some West Coast Gangsta type flows you will pop off. That’s pretty much where the song “U can tell” came in place. Also, “Take no shit” was something he personally expressed to me dearly. He said “Marvel I don’t care if it’s your mother, your father, brother, sister, girl friend, who ever, never take shit from no one, make sure they respect you and you respect them.” Out of all the things that he’s said to me, those things stuck with me the most, and actually “Take No Shit” is some people’s favorite song on the album, not unbeknownst that my boy Nestor influenced it. Thanks bro!

I thank you reading this also, for taking the time out of your busy day to listen and read about this album to understand part of the making of this project.. Get ready for real artistry and story telling at its best.

To all my Kings holding down the bloodline of their Kingdoms, I Salute you all, one love.

Thank You for tuning in to my Plug! New Album on the way! Stay tuned…

Special Shout out to my King Big One for producing some of the biggest tracks on this album, Big Ups! to all the other producers who blessed me! The King J. Mo (Track Killaz) – The King Spiracy – The King B-Still – The King Ace and The King Chop, I appreciate yall Kings for orchestrating this album. Last but not least big shout outs to the King Nestor Nogues for blessing me with some wisdom and the will to “Take No Shit” Rest In Peace. -Marvel

This is dedicated to all my Fans, hope you got to know me a little better. Please don’t take the real artists out there pouring out their souls in their Musiq fore-granted…