Release Date: 2015-12-12
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Marvel – Unarmed (Single)

  • Featuring Artist: Balli Byrd
  • Featured Album: Untitled – Accepting Ideas From God
  • Produced By: Kool
  • Mixed & Mastered by: B.Dot at E.M.A Studios
  • Artwork by: Pipvisions.com
  • Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Music
  • Released: December 12, 2015
  • 2015 Pipmusiq/ Marvelous Artz.



About “Unarmed”

First and foremost I would like to say Rest in Peace to all of the Unarmed Black Men and Women that have lost their lives Nationwide without due-process of the Law that is usually afforded to the rest of the Citizens of our beautiful Country.

With that being said; it is the quintessential “why did I make this record” – to address the brutality and heinous behaviors of local Police officers taking place all around the Land of the Free. Aren’t we all Free to be? Aren’t we Free to be found guilty or not guilty in the Court of Law encase of a blunder? Why are we Free to be sentenced to Death and be executed without Due-Process by Law Enforcement Officer? We can not continue to sit and just take it with a grain of salt-hoping for change. The death tolls will only pile up at this rate. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that “an injustice to one is an injustice to all” I can’t just sit back and watch in silence. Therefore as an Artist and a Black Man myself-I felt the need to shed light on the situation in my own respective perspective and creative outlet.

The minute that I heard this track produced by my King Kool. I was primarily tuned in to the “Trouble Man” sample. That sample has a double-standard meaning to me. To me it speaks on the inherent common outlook of Black Men in society, the constant negative portrayal of my people in the mass media, the prejudices, the less-than feelings and stigmas that we have to live with everyday of our lives here in America; simply for being a Black Man or Woman, when we were Kings and Queens in our Ancestral homeland. Then it also displays the actual “Troubled Man” that of the Police Officer that is not upholding the very Laws inscribed in our Constitution, to serve and protect us all Citizens of the United States of America without prejudices. If a man is killed Unarmed during a routine encounter with an Officer of the Law, that Officer is not obeying the very Law that they’ve sworn to uphold. Judicial Law mandates that Judgement be left to appointed Judges and Juries.

This record is a reflection of what we are facing as a Country, not just as Black Men & Women, we’re all on the same US Boat, if it happens to me it can happen to you, you and you, yes you too. My verse simply pointed out some of my personal feelings towards the situation, angst that I have when dealing with the Police; Black or White in my own City, so that you-the listeners can see the picture that I’m trying to paint.

The second verse is featuring Balli Byrd – who basically painted a simple picture of a man just being himself, minding his business walking home, yet is forced to face unlawful Police brutality during an encounter with Law Enforcement for fitting their prejudice profile.

It’s sad, but true. Count it not just music and entertainment, rather real Life on a track. As you are reading this there’s an Unarmed Man or Woman somewhere being physically abused, tasered or shot, unlawfully – Black, Spanish, White, victims of all races. All can relate to this record, unfortunately all can be victimized by unprofessional Police Officers. Back in the day it wasn’t uncommon for a regular hard working Citizen to get respect from a Police Officer during an encounter. This hostile behavior being displayed nowadays was primarily reserved for street thugs and criminals who’d catch hell from the Police trying to escape or retaliate with force of their own. Now it’s like an open season them vs. us war; Badges against no Badges in the Lower and some Middle Class Citizens. They wouldn’t dare touch the Rich. It’s very sad and unfortunate, because an Officer of the Law was kind of cool and well respected to be when you was younger playing cops and robbers.

Nowadays even babies look at Cops strange with fear like they’re monsters. This has to change, because we’re now a Society of People that is forced to trust crooked and rogue Cops for our protection.

Such an irony it is. All I can say is educate yourself with the laws on the books, get a legit permit for your legally purchased firearms and stay prayed up. If you get pulled over by the Police; don’t stop until you somewhere near other People and or in a well lit area.

Thanks for tuning in to my Plug.

R.I.P to all the innocent UNARMED Citizens who lost their Lives during an encounter with the Police!

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