The Last Man Standing

Release Date: 2021-11-11
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Marvel – The Last Man Standing L.P [Album Credits]

  • Featuring: Babike, King E, Yoda Boy, Steph Flowers
  • Produced By: Track killaz, Analog, Miramanny, Ceasar beats, C.Y Muzic House, Hughston “Hue Boi” Williams, Freak Beats, BigOne Beats Production
  • Mixed and Mastered By: Oscar “OZ” Zayas – OnBeat Studios
  • Executive Produced By: Marvel Saffold
  • Editorial Review By:
  • Photography By: Henbo Vision
  • Artwork By:
  • Genre: Hip Hop, Soul Rap, Music
  • Released: 11-11-2021

© 2021 Marvelous Artz/ PMG All Rights Reserved.

About “The Last Man Standing”

Just a little insight into The Last Man Standing L.P…

“The Last Man Standing…” A major statement that can only be made by those of great stature, longevity. One that have proven their mission, showcased their strengths, their weaknesses and withstood the mighty test of Time. I remember when I first released a project way in 2000… I was young and hungry but I wasn’t aware that I would arguably be one of the best rappers in my state with a resume to prove my consistency and skill set. Over time, all I did was grind and plan, releasing album after album none stop, now 21 years later here I am, HERE I STAND, still on my two feet with a microphone in my hand, mind sharp as a double edge sword, word smith, witty as ever, flowing like water.

While others fell off, quit or took breaks and long hiatus… I kept going, even without a major support system I was basically on my own with the help of a few key players, I made myself a GOAT in my own right. I can stand toe to toe with any Emcee, that’s how I feel at this point of my career as an Artist. I’m not saying I’m “The Best” but saying that I’m one of the best in confidence of me being the competitive person that I Am.

This album is a statement album, also a dedication to my Brother BigOne who produced half of my music catalog up to date and gave me half of my game. He passed this year and I just had to find away to let him know he help create a beast in this Music Game and at the end of it all I will be there representing us collectively and anyone that believes in me.

November 11th is special to me, because another one of my brothers Lil Blue–Willie “Lil blue” Thomas’ Birthday is the 11th of November. I felt it would be an honor to drop it on his birthday and conger that positive Energy.

The number 11.11 resonates with new beginnings, motivation to move forward, taking inspired action, achieving success, independence and leadership! The number 11.11 is a high vibrational number and a sure sign of spiritual awakening, spiritual development and taking your intuition to new heights.

1+1+1+1+2+1= 7
symbolizes completion or perfection.

21 songs 777

21 Represents the years BigOne and I shared (Best Producer and Friend who past away)
11/11 is Lil Blue Birthday (Best Friend who past away)

Another history making moment in my career another milestone and I’m proud and here to say that my legacy is set in stone and I’m not going anywhere…
I will be The Last Man Standing.🐐😎
Be Marvelous

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