The King is Gone

Release Date: 2017-06-06
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About “The King is Gone”

This Tribute record was inspired by the passing of our late great Mr. BB King; the King of Blues and a forefather of the style of music. Just days prior to his funeral I was called by the Mayor of our City to help honor Mr. King with a tribute performance, along with other R&B and Soul artists. I felt honored, because I was the only Hip-Hop Artist summoned to do such a great task and I must say that it really felt good. The tribute was held at our City Hall in front of maybe 150 people.

At first, I was about to just perform a few old school remixes which I still performed, but the morning of the event I woke up and it hit my spirit to actually remake one of BB Kings own records; of course with the help of my #1 producer Big One, we came up with the idea of remaking “The Thrill is Gone”. In his true fashion Big One laced the track and we connected with Jett Hall which is an older R&B Artist from our City and with his Old School Vibe and our New School Funk we created a Classic to help remember one of the Best Musicians to ever do it…

RIP Mr. BB King, We Love You and the inspiration you gave to the World.