Once Upon A Time L.P.

Release Date: 2018-09-28
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Marvel – Once Upon A Time L.P [Album Credits]

  • Featuring: King E, Big Dre, Yoda Boy, Mozartt, John Henry, BigJay
  • Produced By: BigOne of BOBP, Cy, Musik House, T.Mo Hit Maker, Caesar Beats, The Notepad, Gorilla Beats, Marvelous Production
  • Mixed and Mastered By: Bernard Williams of B.O.B.P Studios and T-Raww
  • Editorial Review By: Yekesha Frederick
  • Photography By: Director Henbo
  • Artwork By: Pipvisions.com
  • Genre: Hip Hop, Soul Rap, Music
  • Released: 9-28-2018

© 2018 Marvelous Artz/ PMG All Rights Reserved.

About “Once Upon A Time”


What’s that famous phrase again– “Life imitates Art?”
Once Upon a Time is a collection of an artistically raw journey through the back alleys of life on the tough side


of the tracks. A life; where even the bed of roses was just a disguise for sheets of thorns. Marvel masterfully
shines light on the unspoken facts of life for many aiming to see their silver lining through red skies.
Love and respect to ALL my fans. Your continued faith in me means the world.


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