Momma My Queen

Release Date: 2017-05-14
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Marvel – Momma My Queen [Single Credits]

  • Produced By: C.Y
  • Featuring: Mr. Palm Beach
  • Mixed and Mastered By: Oscar Zayas
  • Editorial Review By:
  • Artwork By:
  • Genre: Hip Hop, Soul Rap, Music
  • Released: 8-17-2020

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About “Momma My Queen”

My mother passed away October of 2003… Every since that day I’ve been traumatized, because I watched her beautiful eyes close for the last time. Nevertheless, I suffered out the bad and took heed to the good and let it make me the better person that I am in life today. My mother raised me to be a man, therefore I do what I can as her son and as a man to acknowledge her existence and influence on me every chance that I can, so if you’ve a fan that followed my music career since day one, then you’ve noticed that every album I relate a song to the memory of my mother.

Well, on to “Momma My Queen” this specific track was special to me, because it actually spoke as a reference for all mothers. To me all mothers are Super Heroes & Queens.

My Boi C.Y created a perfect track for the occasion and with that in place I had my Boi Mr. Palm Beach bless the track with me; expressing himself through a very intimate verse about the lost of his mother. At the end of the day we kind of dedicated this song to all mothers alike, but also to the individuals whom lost their mothers. To the individuals that still have their mothers alive and well, we’re hoping that this song help you build better bonds and create more cherish-able moments with your mothers, please don’t take your mothers fore-granted.

The word Mother is one and only. We salute great fathers, because we are great fathers ourselves, but men will never witness the physically nor the emotionally pain it takes to be a Mother. Therefore our mothers are Queens to us…

Momma You’re My Queen

R.I.P Pamela M. Sephes/ Wallace

Thank You for tuning in to my Plug!

Special Shout out to my boi C.Y for producing this Harmonious track, and big shout outs to the King Mr. Palm Beach for blessing me with this intimate verse about his Momma. -Marvel

This is dedicated to all the Mothers across the world and in heaven, please don’t take your Mothers for-granted…

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