Release Date: 2014-06-02
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Marvel – Misunderstood L.P [Album Credits]

  • Featuring: BigOne, Houghston, Sav Montana
  • Produced By: BigOne of BOBP, T-Mo Hit Maker, Monsters Prodigy, Kool, Houghston & Diggah
  • Mixed and Mastered By: Bernard Williams of B.O.B.P Studios
  • Editorial Review By: Pipvisions.com
  • Artwork By: Pipvisions.com
  • Genre: Hip Hop, Soul Rap, Music
  • Released: 2-6-2018

© 2018 Marvelous Artz/ PMG All Rights Reserved.


About “Misunderstood”


Back at it again after not releasing a project in a year and a half which was my latest LP ashes. I’m now sneaking a mixtape out to the streets titled “Misunderstood”. This is just a token of love to my true supporters and new supporters. This mixtape was supposed to be apart of a double disc that was supposed to release in December on my birthday then on MLK birthday but both dates got cancelled because we didn’t want to just throw a album out with no awareness so we decided to wait till right timing.


After while we then decided that it may be hard to have a successful double disc knowing one side may get more attention which happened with Biggie.. Tupac..etc so we separated the two and I decided to just make a free mixtape for the streets. And the album which is entitled Untitled a accepting ideas from God will be released sometime late April. This mixtape consist of down to earth street/soul musiq that the average street thug or everyday individual can relate to even have a couple club vibes but great content as in the album is very heart felt far as motivational, Inspirational Spiritual and full of knowledge and truth. Spiritual and most of all Peaceful.. The mixtape has great sounds also I think they both will compliment each other and I’m hoping the mixtape pull all the street people in to wanna hear more and I can set them up for the album release which will be big and really what they need from the aspect of pure peace and knowledge.


So I hope you enjoy this mixtape. Misunderstood is what I am to most because the choose not to get to know me so they tend to judge.. And now I can literally give people something to help them understand me once you listen to this mixtape..
Thank you for your time now press play


This is for yall, so Listen and enjoy..