Marvel X

Release Date: 2021-02-21
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Marvel – Marvel X [Album Credits]

  • Featuring: Malcolm X
  • Produced By: Wayne “Diggz” Campbell
  • Mixed and Mastered By: Wayne “Diggz” Campbell @ Black Cotton Studio
  • Executive Produced By: Wayne “Diggz” Campbell
  • Editorial Review By:
  • Artwork By:
  • Genre: Hip Hop, Soul Rap, Music
  • Released: 2-21-2021

© 2021 Marvelous Artz/ PMG All Rights Reserved.

About “Marvel X”

First and foremost we are going to start this off with saying… Fly high King Malcolm X!!! Fly high! But I MARVEL AM NOT YOUR MARTYR. I am not!

When we lost him we lost a major part of what our Lives and Culture could have been. Born a Gangster, died a Legend. Question is, why do we have to become Martyrs in lieu of trying to help our own People, ironically to be taken by the hands of your own have been the ultimate blow to our own present insecurity as a Race of People. How can you get mad at others when they’re able to point out vital flaws in our Community as self-deprecating as that?

When we constructed this album we wanted to shed a light on the many flaws in our Community, at the same time expose the flaws of society overall by using Malcolm X’s Life as a foundation and point of reference, because what he represented was not just a Black Man proof of concept, but rather a Human…

Malcolm’s Life was a real metamorphosis Journey, from being a real street Gangster as Detroit Red, being incarceration then from there his Life took- to a new beginning with joining Nation of Islam. Through that revelation he grew the courage to say, you know what… I want to spread my wings more, find more of myself and what I’m made of. His passion for Us as a People was so monumental that it will remain unmatched–just as a few others like himself have come and conquered this system for the Love our People, but unfortunately they all left us due to that same exact Love…. The irony of it all.

Please listen to understand the story of a Great Man and Life’s lessons. Remembering that we have to protect those that fight for us, because when they’re gone we all lose…. X

Be Marvelous

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