Love Life

Release Date: 2013-11-19
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About “Love Life”

“Love Life” is arguably one of the most Hip Hop God fulfilled Songs of 2013, but you will never know that it was written in 2007. During a time when I was going through a financial set back and was in trouble with the law, but I always had faith. At the time I was staying with my aunt and 1 night “Loving Life” just hit my heart and I started feeling joy in my spirit, as destiny will have it, I already had this track from BigOne.

I got up, put the track on and the lyrics just poured out like they’ve been fighting to touch the paper & pen for decades, after I got finished writing it, I felt like I’d been anointed. Writing this song made me a proud artist, knowing that I had recently beat firearm charges in court and other serious criminal charges, I just felt the need to put in that time to share my testimony. This song have been performed in churches and all. I truly believe in Jesus, therefor this song was my way of letting it be known to the masses.

Thank You for reading and listening to my testimony. -Marvel