Here For It

Release Date: 2021-10-26
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Marvel – Here For It [Single Credits]

  • Produced By: Analog (Nicholas A. DeAngelis)
  • Recorded & Mixed By: Oscar @ OnBeat Studios
  • Mastered By: Oscar @ OnBeat Studios
  • Editorial Review By:
  • Photography By: HenboVision
  • Artwork By:
  • Genre: Hip Hop, Soul Rap, Music
  • Released: 10-26-2021
  • Featured Album: Last Man Standing

© 2021 Marvelous Artz Media/ PMG All Rights Reserved.

About “Here For It”

Once again I’m back with the 1st single from my up and coming LP “Last Man Standing” instant classic. This record entitled “Here For It” was produced by my boy Analog ,who is one of my long-time producers. My boy has always blessed me with bangers and I’ve always returned the favor with a plush Song to fit its Greatness.

How did I even think of the idea? Well, of course it’s kind of a household phrase now–being used around the culture, but never been placed in an actual record, as it be–I was right on time lol. I’m really surprised that it wasn’t a concept already running, but hey… I’m Here for it! I’m making it happen now!

I usually don’t do club style tracks, but I decided to turn it up a notch and give y’all what y’all want… A lil Young Dream back on the scene… If you know you know! If not, then you are new to my history and craft. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy the song, hopefully this is the record that leads you down my rabbit hole of a catalog… it’s not hard now–you’re halfway there! Just go to my Discography in the Menu. I’m a Legend, but I rather you hear the work that I put in and see it for yourself…

Once again Stay Tuned! The New Album drops right here, November 11th, 11/11/21  I know y’all here for it! One Love to all my listeners and Day 1s.

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-Be Marvelous “Here For It”

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