Grit Em Up | Ch. 2

Release Date: 2017-05-25
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About “Grit Em Up” Chapter 2

Album: “G.R.I.T.S | Art of War”

Produced By: Johnny “J”



The Art of War Chronicle follows up with Chapter 2’s entry “Grit Em Up”. As Back 2 Rap–each song will be released one-by-one until the Chronicle is Completed. Then on to the next. As I stated in the first Chapter.

Grit Em Up I.E 2Pac’s most memorable Record in Hip Hop’s History; “Hit Em Up” which one can argue that is one–if not The Greatest Diss Record of All Time. I followed up with this specific Chapter because of the obvious reason; timing. With the 2Pac Movie slated to be released this Summer 17, we figured that it would be perfect timing to pay homage to the late Great Tupac Shakur, in a way that any Hip Hop Greats should be paid respect to — with BARS! It’s the righteous way.

Hopefully you all like this Chapter. Caveat, now because 2Pac anything is a touchy subject, I know that criticism may come my way just for doing a 2Pac beat, but I’m ready for anything Hip Hop related. Let’s keep it righteous, I’m waiting to see and hear your feedback. Bless!


This is dedicated to Hip Hop and The South!

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