Every Time We Make Love

Release Date: 2014-02-14
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About “Every Time We Make Love”

Now, there’s something you should remember, rather it’s the four play, each kiss or touch that kept your soul energized is the reason you would think about those moments…

When I wrote this song I wasn’t directing it toward no one woman in particular, this was my way of me showing my fans that I support the well being of their nature of love making, and as a King of making love to my significant other. I want to be apart of that live making memory that you have, make babies and be fruitful to this sound of harmony. I want to make you turn this song on repeat and make magic happen. This is for the grown and sexy King and Queens of the world… Let me know what you think!

Thank You for tuning in to my Plug!

Special Shout out to my boi LCP for producing this love making sound of harmony… -Marvel

Big shout out to all you love makers out there, make love responsibly, get tested, be safe, strap up…