Closed Casket | Ch. 4

Release Date: 2017-06-16
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About “Closed Casket” Chapter 4

Album: “G.R.I.T.S | Art of War”

Produced By: Eminem



The Art of War Chronicle follows up with Chapter 4’s entry “Closed Casket”. As Back 2 Rap, Grit Em Up and I Shot Yah!–each song will be released one-by-one until the Chronicle is Completed. Then on to the next. As I stated in the previous Chapter.


Now we’re on Chapter 4–we’re heating up! The last Chapter got real Gritty, so I figured–I would take it to the Midwest with Em’s Classic “Nail in the Coffin” instrumental. In my true Emcee form, I laced it with more Grits swagg and intensity…


Again I am going on all of The Greats’ instrumentals–to prove that I’m who I say I am; G.R.I.T.S!. When it came to this track, I felt it to the core, really it’s a track that I would purchase and recorded on if I had the chance to, just because it’s such a story teller’s canvas, produced by Eminem himself. It was hand crafted for lyricism with steady flow, perfect for me-cause that’s all I got. All Bars No Hooks! Killing the game and resurrecting it at the same damn time… Call me G.R.I.T.S Art of War Chapter 4 is here, enjoy…


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This is dedicated to Hip Hop and The South!

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