Better Day

Release Date: 2013-11-25
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About “Better Day”


I guess I’m suppose to sit back and let my people fall in retreat… Naw, I can’t, because my people make me strong and I’ve seen so much in my life time that kept me with low spirits that I had to find away of up lifting myself… So when I wake up in the A.M. I tell myself there will be a Better Day then I go work towards it…


When I originally heard this track I caught chill-bumps all over and even though I had never heard the track before, I envisioned the lyrics and Ace my long time music producer told me that he knew I would make the song cry, then on the first verse, as soon as J.MO from Trakkillaz preceded to record my vocals… I started shedding tears, but I couldn’t stop rapping, and even though my eyes were blurry I squeezed out enough sight to read the rest of my lyrics and once I finished… I smiled, because I knew this song would give hope, which was the complete direction of the album… No matter what color, race, religion, class, culture and etc… We all want to see better days… Even the wealthy have there down moments… Therefor no-one is excluded from the spirit of love this track have to give…. This track is a corner stone on this Classic Album “Ashes” that God inspired song after song.


Thank You for tuning in!


Special Shout out to my boi Ace for producing this chill-bumping track and J.MO from Trakkillaz for recording me while the Spirit was moving…


I pray that you see a Better Day, no matter what you’re going through right now. Amen -Marvel