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Don't Kill The Messenger Part. 3

Some of us just will never be ready for the blessings that are already ours.. Miss out, it’s your bad…   Please Don’t Kill The Messenger!   #dontkillthemessenger     DKTM was Brought to you By: Frank Electronics     READ, DIGEST, COMMENT AND SHARE!

Don’t Kill The Messenger Pt.2

I can imagine a lot of you’ll kids in the years to come, you’ve already labeled them niggas.. What happened to prince and princess… Stop messing up your kids mind frame before they have a chance to develop and choose their own label.     #dontkillthemessenger     DKTM...

Don't kill the messenger pt.1

Day by day the more wisdom I gain I become more frustrated with my race.. Black Folks make it hard for black folks at some point we gotta stop blaming white folks for our downfalls. You can throw all ya money in a club but the same amount could...