Ronald Thompson

HoLLacabulary Part. 10

HoLLacabulary… “Davidism”   Davidism: Pronounced ((da vid ism))   Self belief in one’s ability to not feel the need to over-compensate.   I.e. Self-aware.   Used in a sentence: “Although, Stan is small in stature he never uses his possessions to compensate where he lacks.””   HoLLacabulary… Hducating you one word at a time!   Today’s […]


HoLLacabulary Part. 7

HoLLacabulary… “Suspect”   Suspect: Pronounced (Suss-peckt)   An individual male or female that has shown you through their actions that they are not trust worthy…   I.e. Sneaky people with ulterior motives.   Used in a sentence: “My whole life, my brother been suspect to me, that’s why I stay to myself….”   HoLLacabulary… Hducating you […]


PipQuotables! 13th Entry

“PipQuotables”     “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” -MLK Jr.     Quoted By: Martin Luther King Jr.     “The Quotation Above” is the Intellectual Property of it’s Author. Under (c) Copyright Laws, All Their Rights Shall Be Reserved and Acknowledged.     This PipQuotable […]


Merry Jesusmas!

“Merry Jesusmas…!”   In the beginning was LOVE, and LOVE was so compelled by LOVE that LOVE conceded LOVE to LOVE and begotten LOVE, out of that LOVE presided the LOVE, and being conformed by LOVE, LOVE created the LOVE out of LOVE, then unfortunately hate beguiled the LOVE out of LOVE to spite LOVE, but […]