Bewilder”   Foreign pedigree ‎Seventh letter please No one hott as me My apologies Plagued by guises Made to hinder my rise ‎Similar to yeast Conclusion you losin Bamboozled ‎infusion You thinking you got it Witnessed you drop it No longer the topic No longer an option ‎PIP on poppin Relation to fish grease Four […]


I’m Sleep Tho! Part. 28

Psalms 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want….. Huh…???!!! Oh ok so you’re quoting scriptures now…???   Yep! The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want a thing…..   You’re back with a scripture, so I’m guessing you believe, particularly in a fictional book written by a bunch of men with […]


PipQuotables! 24th Entry

“PipQuotables”     “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing And I’m not stuffing, believe you me Don’t you remember I told you I’m a solider in the war on poverty Nothing from nothing leaves nothing You gotta have something If you wanna be with me.” -Billy Preston     Quoted By: Billy Preston     “The […]


Pay Attention

“Pay Attention” My Vision doesn’t require vision, therefore I’m sitting here with both eyes closed visualizing what you’re not seeing, what I’m about to teach requires a transaction, my per diem comes with the best of my intentions, now pull out your debit card and pay attention, you can finance a house with today’s price […]



“Seek” Search and you shall find what’s meant to be, had you known how deep my heart is besides its guarded shallow appearance that you see, you would have dived in head first and explored the treasures of its keep, you’d find priceless jewelry that exudes its glory, its transition from bitterness to something that […]


21st Century Freedom

“21st Century Freedom” Freedom, what is it to you, to me it’s the sum of the right to make and do some; of yourself, some thing, some one, some how, some where, some way, etcetera and the shadow of its array, but some say it’s not the pot it’s the clay, I say Nay, it’s […]