HoLLacabulary Part. 10

HoLLacabulary… “Davidism”   Davidism: Pronounced ((da vid ism))   Self belief in one’s ability to not feel the need to over-compensate.   I.e. Self-aware.   Used in a sentence: “Although, Stan is small in stature he never uses his possessions to compensate where he lacks.””   HoLLacabulary… Hducating you one word at a time!   Today’s […]


HoLLacabulary Part. 7

HoLLacabulary… “Suspect”   Suspect: Pronounced (Suss-peckt)   An individual male or female that has shown you through their actions that they are not trust worthy…   I.e. Sneaky people with ulterior motives.   Used in a sentence: “My whole life, my brother been suspect to me, that’s why I stay to myself….”   HoLLacabulary… Hducating you […]


Time and Time Again

“Time and Time Again”   Time and time again I tell myself I don’t have any feelings for you anymore But those old feelings are still with me   Time and time again I tell myself that I need to move on But something always holds me back   Time and time again I tell […]