L.I.P - Live In Peace Movement

Live In Peace Movement   The reason I came up with this L.I.P mantra is because I’ve witness multiple friends and family members get killed over senseless acts of violence and now it’s Kids Killing Kids. The new pseudo kkk. Now, as you’ve noticed, we tend to wish people peace when they’re dead,  but, it makes no […]


Ashes'ology Part. 6

Your future is the reflection of your past.. Now Take a good look at yourself Now tell me What see?   Today’s Ashes’ology was Brought to you By: Frank Electronics   The Album Ashes L.P is right there on your right, just simply press the play button! on your right >>>>> READ, DIGEST, COMMENT AND […]


Don't kill the messenger pt.1

Day by day the more wisdom I gain I become more frustrated with my race.. Black Folks make it hard for black folks at some point we gotta stop blaming white folks for our downfalls. You can throw all ya money in a club but the same amount could be used to start a family […]


My Life, My Joy, My Pain Page. 11

Chapter. 2 | Page. 11 “It’s Showtime…! (I’m not Gay)”   During this era of my life I stayed in Monroe Heights. Now, Monroe Heights is when and where that I did a lot of first things in my adolescence. Say; my first time hunching lol… I was maybe around 6 years old, but don’t […]