Kesha Says Part. 12

“Love,” Love is a complicated thing. It is tiered; like earth’s layers. To get to the inner core one must be able to decipher its perplexing puzzle. How willing are you to dig deeper to touch the inner core? Is the crust or mantle all you aspire to penetrate? Or are you willing to withstand […]


One Beautiful 9 Year Old

One Beautiful 9 Year Old…     So special you are with a heart made of gold.. Living life with peace as your story unfold.. A princess to a queen as God continue to mold.. You shall take shape like clay.. I pray you reach a million years old.. You are the key to many […]


L.I.P - Live In Peace Movement

Live In Peace Movement   The reason I came up with this L.I.P mantra is because I’ve witness multiple friends and family members get killed over senseless acts of violence and now it’s Kids Killing Kids. The new pseudo kkk. Now, as you’ve noticed, we tend to wish people peace when they’re dead,  but, it makes no […]