One Beautiful 9 Year Old

One Beautiful 9 Year Old…     So special you are with a heart made of gold.. Living life with peace as your story unfold.. A princess to a queen as God continue to mold.. You shall take shape like clay.. I pray you reach a million years old.. You are the key to many […]


Close to perfection

No man walked this earth besides Jesus Christ, can wear that title of “Perfect” in such delight.. That’s one who live So precise, full focus on life no slip ups, well past flawless.. Righteous in every way, every step & every day… Answers known before theres a question.. But Then theres Chances blown without rejection.. […]


Ashes'ology Part. 6

Your future is the reflection of your past.. Now Take a good look at yourself Now tell me What see?   Today’s Ashes’ology was Brought to you By: Frank Electronics   The Album Ashes L.P is right there on your right, just simply press the play button! on your right >>>>> READ, DIGEST, COMMENT AND […]


Cashmere Thoughts Part. 3

Never hate on a man that gets his own.. He got it for a reason, ain’t nothing free, so either you let him do him or let him show you the route….   Cashmere Thoughts!Take the time to Think my Kings & Queens   This Cashmere Thoughts was Brought to you By: Frank Electronics


The Love of Sin

“The Love of Sin” In places where I shouldn’t be.. Knowing that I dont belong.. Participating in unlawful practices.. But the vibe is so strong… Caught up in a negative attraction.. Got me divided in fractions.. Dividing by actions… Righteous verses Madness.. My heart telling me no.. But my mind pursued the everlasting.. I’m curious, […]


Mysterious Unborn

Mysterious Unborn   I cant look into your face just yet but I bet you have my eyes.. Hoping you adopt your mothers smile..thinking about you bring about sighs.. My second seed my unborn.. Special be you and your mother forever in my heart… Comforted by the love we made to conceive such a blessing.. […]