One Beautiful 9 Year Old

One Beautiful 9 Year Old…     So special you are with a heart made of gold.. Living life with peace as your story unfold.. A princess to a queen as God continue to mold.. You shall take shape like clay.. I pray you reach a million years old.. You are the key to many […]


L.I.P - Live In Peace Movement

Live In Peace Movement   The reason I came up with this L.I.P mantra is because I’ve witness multiple friends and family members get killed over senseless acts of violence and now it’s Kids Killing Kids. The new pseudo kkk. Now, as you’ve noticed, we tend to wish people peace when they’re dead,  but, it makes no […]


Don’t Kill The Messenger Pt.2

I can imagine a lot of you’ll kids in the years to come, you’ve already labeled them niggas.. What happened to prince and princess… Stop messing up your kids mind frame before they have a chance to develop and choose their own label.     #dontkillthemessenger     DKTM was Brought to you By: Frank […]


Organic Food For Thought Part. 12

You can’t shape hardened clay.. Never get too hard in life that it’s to a point where you can’t be molded into something greater..   We live life too content with our current situations and then gain animosity towards someone else that’s doing better.. Learn from someone greater, who says that you have to tell […]


Musiqplug Salutes Artist - MG Da BadGuy

Born Michael Lewis, Mr. Lewis is better known by his stage name MGINATI | MG Da BadGuy | Da BadGuy or simply MG. Mr. Lewis is an American hip hop artist born and raised right here in West Palm Beach, Florida. MG began his music career around 2001, writing and producing his own music as […]


Close to perfection

No man walked this earth besides Jesus Christ, can wear that title of “Perfect” in such delight.. That’s one who live So precise, full focus on life no slip ups, well past flawless.. Righteous in every way, every step & every day… Answers known before theres a question.. But Then theres Chances blown without rejection.. […]