One Beautiful 9 Year Old

One Beautiful 9 Year Old…     So special you are with a heart made of gold.. Living life with peace as your story unfold.. A princess to a queen as God continue to mold.. You shall take shape like clay.. I pray you reach a million years old.. You are the key to many […]


L.I.P - Live In Peace Movement

Live In Peace Movement   The reason I came up with this L.I.P mantra is because I’ve witness multiple friends and family members get killed over senseless acts of violence and now it’s Kids Killing Kids. The new pseudo kkk. Now, as you’ve noticed, we tend to wish people peace when they’re dead,  but, it makes no […]


Ashes'ology Part. 6

Your future is the reflection of your past.. Now Take a good look at yourself Now tell me What see?   Today’s Ashes’ology was Brought to you By: Frank Electronics   The Album Ashes L.P is right there on your right, just simply press the play button! on your right >>>>> READ, DIGEST, COMMENT AND […]


M&Ms Part. 15

Nothing is coming to a physical sleeper, but a dream…   Wake up and sleep in thought…   Live your dreams…   After another short weekend, a fresh new beginning we’ve all been blessed with, so let’s take advantage of this reset. Don’t fall weak to your week, gain strength by getting started with positive […]


M&Ms Part. 14

My day has now officially started.. I’m vibing, but something hit me, I have another child on the way, so that mean more motivation. Today is Monday and I feel that it’s the best day to get out and find a nice paying gig to add on to the many hustles I have. This is […]