Don’t Kill The Messenger Pt.2

I can imagine a lot of you’ll kids in the years to come, you’ve already labeled them niggas.. What happened to prince and princess… Stop messing up your kids mind frame before they have a chance to develop and choose their own label.     #dontkillthemessenger     DKTM was Brought to you By: Frank […]


I Admire You

“I Admire You”     I admire your because I see how hard you work everyday to support our family so that they are never in want of anything…….   I admire you because I seen your fervent wish for a quiet welcoming home where you can enjoy your children without having to watch the […]


2014 MLK Parade!!

2014 Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade Celebration   Hosted by The City of Riviera Beach   Who’s Ready for MLK Day???! Because we’re ready here at for the Annual MLK Parade hosted by the Historic City of Riviera Beach FL. For the past 30 years there haven’t been a year passed that the City […]


Pipture This!

A Pipture is worth a thousand words, I mean, really????       I say “As long as we’re asking, why don’t we make it A cool Million” like the lady told Sammi at the Western Union spot in “Coming to America”.  Ok, the 80’s baby sarcasm and choice of movie reference got you Pipturing my age, but that’s […]