The "It" Factor

“The “It” Factor”


When you got that “It” factor
And the re-actors realize that they can not copy and match “It” without your presence, they will then try to acquire “It” from you
When they realize that “It” can’t be negotiated and bought
They will then try to take “It” from you
When they realize that you can not part with “It”
They will then wage war against thee and start to slander you
Telling you that you ain’t going to make “It”
That you ain’t got the pedigree for “It”
That you ain’t got the education for “It”
That you ain’t got what “It” takes
That frankly “It” will never work
That you and “It” ain’t S#!&
That you won’t win with “It”
That “It” will fail you without them
That you need more than “It” to succeed
That you don’t deserve “It”
That “It” has never been done before
That “It” is to different
That “It” will never flourish
Because you’re
Too young for “It”
Too old for “It”
Too Short for “It”
Too tall for “It”
Too fat for “It”
Too skinny for “It”
Too black for “It”
Too light for “It”
Too broke for “It”
Too rich for “It”
Too dumb for “It”
Too smart for “It”
Too sick for “It”
Too handicapped for “It”
To just forget “It”
Enjoy a simple 9 to 5 life, you’re better off without “It”
I say don’t let them knock “It” with those simple words
Laugh at “It”
Don’t cry about “It”
Welcome “It”
Embrace “It”
Then guard “It” with your Life
Don’t just ignore “It”
Acknowledge “It”
Face “It”
Brace “It”
Surround “It”
Engulf “It”
Defend “It”
Then Conquer “It”
Let “It” be known that you weren’t affected
That you got “It” like that
Because God manifested
From your very conception
“It” was with you in the wound
In the precipice of your being “It” chose you
“It” engrained “Itself” in your DNA
You was born with “It”
You just can’t help “It”
Tell them to accept “It”
Or send you to the tomb with “It”
When you got the “It” factor they will hate you for “It” if they simply can’t control “It”. Question is, will you die for “It” or let them enslave “It”, because NO one can take “It” from you Once you have “It”. Selah


A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.


“The “It” Factor” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2014, All Rights Reserved