“I’m from West Palm Beach, Florida where outsiders think it’s all palm trees and beaches, they don’t call it the Gunshine State for nothing.”

The field of drama is represented by a symbol of the half-happy, half-sad jester demonstrating the duality of an entertainers’ existence. If, as Shakespeare once quoted, “all the world is a stage” then what would happen if the jovial jester took things seriously? You would have a powerful individual who could not only make you laugh, but also influence the world around him.

This is a mission HENBO SQUEAZY takes personally, to make the world a better place and enjoy life at the same time. .. .. HENBO SQUEAZY realizes that his name has a funny ring to it, “in my neighborhood of West Palm Beach everybody would come up with nicknames just clownin’ around. Mine just happened to stick.” HENBO SQUEAZY soon began to play up to his new character by becoming the class clown and rapidly becoming the talk of his high school. Mixing his unique brand of humor with a new found rap talent, he came up with a winning formula named “Booty Doo.” .. .. A humorous song combined with a memorable name, HENBO SQUEAZY realized the key to any successful project, that although his name was strange, “it made people stop and ask questions about me.” The “Booty Doo” movement that once began as a joke started to become serious in HENBO SQUEAZY’s mind when the local radio station miraculously attained a copy and played the track on the air to a rousing response…

Unfortunately, HENBO SQUEAZY soon realized life isn’t all fun and games when his older brother who initially inspired him to pick up the mic, was tragically killed in a crossfire from a drive by shooting leaving HENBO devastated.

“I’m from West Palm Beach, Florida where outsiders think it’s all palm trees and beaches, they don’t call it the Gunshine State for nothing.” But, HENBO SQUEAZY turned a negative into a positive when he decided to use the rap game to tell his story and make a difference. .. .. “I want to be the voice of this new generation. I am a hip-hop hit maker,” HENBO SQUEAZY states proudly. Taking this edict to heart, HENBO SQUEAZY’s fire for entrepreneurship was birthed by the lineage of his Nigerian father who fronted HENBO’s first businesses – pressure washing and selling candy while in high school.

HENBO SQUEAZY then flipped his new profits to fund a clothing line and music business. Now, HENBO SQUEAZY has his own apparel line, Emcee Apparel in addition to creating a website to push his music including the success inspired song, “I’m Eat’n Bruh.” His goal is to work hard enough to begin building parks within his war torn community in addition to rescuing his sister and budding artist, Nina Raw from the bullet riddled streets. “Kids need something to do other than sell drugs and shoot at each other.” .. .. Besides creating humorous records, HENBO SQUEAZY demonstrates his versatility with tunes to heal the heart or teach life lessons such as “Can’t Put A Pause On Love,” “Late Night Creepin,” and “A Lesson Learned.” With HENBO SQUEAZY’s determined work ethic, it is only a matter of days before the streets are flooded with his good vibes. .. .. As the curtain of life rises on HENBO SQUEAZY’s stage show, this once proud jester will certainly have the last laugh all the way to the bank

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