A Dezert Named Eagel – “The Returner” — is basically a Lyrical/ Spiritual exercising EP, a letter to my Fans. Unlike “The Craft” this project takes a more mystic and slightly dark twisted turn of event, very synonymous to everyday Life, we all goes through things, but it’s about how you bounce back that matters most in this World. I wanted this project to be more relatable and direct, so that you the listener can implant yourselves in these songs and get the message that I’m trying to convey to you within these Lyrics.

As far as the Title goes; well the name speaks for itself — “The Returner” the return of A Dezert Named Eagel aka ADNE, to signify that I’ll always be back, better yet I never left, I’m always around in these songs for You the Fans.

After releasing “The Craft” in 2013 and only dropping one visual off of the profect; “Mercy” and disappearing, I know that it lead a lot of my core Fan Base to wonder where the Lyrical Titan has been and what he’s been up to. Well to You reading this I hold myself responsible to give an explanation to. I hold my Fans near and dear to me, we have a relationship, I want to keep it healthy and real organic, with a lot more accountability moving forward.

In 2014 I got incarcerated and I’ve been gone because of that, but even going through all my personal bouts, I never stopped thinking about the Music and You guys, I never stopped cooking these lyrics, strategizing and visualizing my return to You, returning back to my Glory. That’s why I named the project “The Returner” my return to what I Love — my Family, my Music creation process, my Fans — Hip Hop.

In a nutshell, “The Returner” will leave you stimulated and satisfied with pure organic content, lyricism, good vibrations from the Production — to the Features: from Artist like Saint Lyric ,Young Shinah , Verse and Pappi Nixon. Well, without any further adieu, I will leave You — the Fans to determine that.

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening. Peace

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“The Returner was Mixed and Mastered by Diggah. Artwork by Pipvisions.com. -ADNE.

A Dezert Named Eagel – “The Returner”

  • Produced By: The Chemist, Kahsmir Royal, Kingsmen Productions, BeatzBusterz
  • Featuring: Brazi P, Saint Lyric & Rockett Rose
  • Mixed and Mastered By: Chemist
  • Artwork By: Pipvisions.com
  • Genres: Hip Hop, Music
  • Released: November 24, 2017
  • 2017 ADNE, Black Cotton/ MP

The Returner

Release Date : November 24, 2017
Artists : A Dezert Named Eagel, ADNE
Genre : ,
Catalog ref. : 002
Format : Digital Download