MP Syndications

Knowth Who Knew

Knowth Who Knew?   How long has it’s been since you pitched the well and it was truly empty, not catching my pitch, then close your eyes and reach, see if you can draw an authentic blank in that tank, is it the spoon or the mind that is bent, refashion memories that once occupied […]


Expressive Depression

Expressive Depression     What they call DEpression is just a spiritual transmission filter, a modem to transmit signals from spirit to reality, an excavator digging away the ground layers of your flesh, a mining elevator that transports unseen and unheard treasures from deep below the hardcore surface of normality, a task so dangerous that […]


Who Goes There

“Who Goes There” Knock, knock, open up your heart, let me in so that I can pitch and make my plea, we can be like 2 peas in 1 pod, then in our midst shall be the presence of God, I sigh, who knows what is with out first recognizing what wasn’t, you nod, I […]



“LIFE, CAMERA, ACTION”     Every waking day, I try to walk less and less of my own sightful guidance and more of God’s Directions.., through these laid out footsteps that was cast for me by the Almighty Director, way before this movie that I’m staring in called “LIFE” started filming.., produced by 2 amateurs, […]


Pipture This!

A Pipture is worth a thousand words, I mean, really????       I say “As long as we’re asking, why don’t we make it A cool Million” like the lady told Sammi at the Western Union spot in “Coming to America”.  Ok, the 80’s baby sarcasm and choice of movie reference got you Pipturing my age, but that’s […]