MP Syndications

I’m Sleep Tho! Part. 28

Psalms 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want….. Huh…???!!! Oh ok so you’re quoting scriptures now…???   Yep! The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want a thing…..   You’re back with a scripture, so I’m guessing you believe, particularly in a fictional book written by a bunch of men with […]


HoLLacabulary Part. 10

HoLLacabulary… “Davidism”   Davidism: Pronounced ((da vid ism))   Self belief in one’s ability to not feel the need to over-compensate.   I.e. Self-aware.   Used in a sentence: “Although, Stan is small in stature he never uses his possessions to compensate where he lacks.””   HoLLacabulary… Hducating you one word at a time!   Today’s […]


PipQuotables! 23rd Entry

“PipQuotables”     “One does not look and find Love like an address in the GPS, inside the comfort of their car, one Seek Love like a Pirate’s hidden treasure, through rough seas on un-mapped islands. Selah” -King Pip     Quoted By: Randy Pipman     “The Quotation Above” is the Intellectual Property of […]


God's Morning

“God’s Morning”   Wipe the yoke that the mistakes of yesterday threw at your face and make breakfast. RISE AND SHINE, you’re a god created by the Most High. Recognize the power of your light, let others try and handle the glare. It don’t take a whole day to see the sun, so motherfuckers got 24 […]


Pay Attention

“Pay Attention” My Vision doesn’t require vision, therefore I’m sitting here with both eyes closed visualizing what you’re not seeing, what I’m about to teach requires a transaction, my per diem comes with the best of my intentions, now pull out your debit card and pay attention, you can finance a house with today’s price […]


Anywhere But Here

“Anywhere But Here…”     Like a feather I glide, aimlessly towards a destination unknown, once again seduced by the tantalizing allure of the wind,   To fate I surrender,   Free as a bird I beseech these wings to take flight, to “A” destination.   Anywhere but behind these eyes constantly submerged in tears, […]