MP Syndications

Hollowed BE

“Hollowed BE” Oh Hollowed BE, deep is the hole of THY Key, who can reach the pits of THY keep and unlock THEE, how about a round of applause for the CREATOR of Creating, conceptualizing your inherited thought processes and mines, theirs and ours, from the meeting point of the seed and the egg, take […]


Love is Blind

“Love is Blind“ Ignorance is kind, the most blissful thing about Love is that it’s blind, shading the overwhelming light of the Truth behind, fine, pull back the curtains of reality and you will find, that it’s almost always easier to digest a little white lie, sigh, here’s a sign, what did you think of […]


Queen of Hearts

“Queen of Hearts” Queen of Hearts, the most precious Jewel on my Crown, she was down for the King like 4 flats on a 52 Cadillac, I’d pitch it, she’d smile and bat her lashes, back full of scratches, I’m sliding for home base, slap box then beat it up like Cassius, I am her […]



I’m a get a S Class and big house Its gonna end with G. And that Bytch mean I could dream Or use that as the catalyst To increase my Reign Heart of flames, propane breathe Hussain kept it real with his people Wheels gleam for the sequel Skills ingested be perplexin Sometimes I’m congested But […]


Kesha Says Part. 13

“Dear Others,” My faith, my resilience, my patience, my tolerance, my love, my drive, my sanity, my endurance, my focus, my direction, my dedication and commitment; have all been under strain over the past few months. There has been a tremendous restlessness within my spirit that I just cannot seem to shake, but as I […]