Fatherhood Part. 8

Our 21st Century Society in America have made being a Father a competition; as if you’ll get an Academy Award for being something you’ve created yourself… and it goes through our culture with very little-to-no resistance because of the [lack] of active Fathers. Within that [lack], not all of those Fathers are missing in action by choice either, […]


My Advice to You... Part 2

Society looks at the way you physically dress out, but God looks at how you spiritually dress in. So put your clothes on correct. Success isn’t determined on how much your shoes and clothing is Valued by others, because in fact; I know millionaires that wears $20 loafers and shop at goodwill. On the flip side, I know […]


My Advice to You... Part 1

When you find that one female that can keep a good conversation… Motivates you, plus you’re sexually and mentally attracted to her… Queen Her! My Advice to You…… Take it or leave it! MATY was Brought to you By: READ, DIGEST, COMMENT AND SHARE!