Kesha Says

Kesha Says Part. 13

“Dear Others,” My faith, my resilience, my patience, my tolerance, my love, my drive, my sanity, my endurance, my focus, my direction, my dedication and commitment; have all been under strain over the past few months. There has been a tremendous restlessness within my spirit that I just cannot seem to shake, but as I […]


Kesha Says Part. 12

“Love,” Love is a complicated thing. It is tiered; like earth’s layers. To get to the inner core one must be able to decipher its perplexing puzzle. How willing are you to dig deeper to touch the inner core? Is the crust or mantle all you aspire to penetrate? Or are you willing to withstand […]


Kesha Says Part. 10

“Dear Authority…,”     Respect authority, I do   Fear authority, I absolutely refuse.   There’s a reason why I’m not intimidated; have qualms engaging, debating and or challenging (that false sense of security)….I meant authority. It’s because:       I know who I am, I know from whence I came I know to […]


Kesha Says Part. 9

“Dear friends…,”     If you’re not losing friends, you’re not growing.   If you’re pondering on this for more than two seconds, it means someone has recently dropped you and you’re now realizing it.   That’s explains it…..     Kesha Says… Written By: Yekesha Lambert Frederick © Copyright Musiqplug 2014, All Rights Reserved. […]