Fatherhood Part. 8

Our 21st Century Society in America have made being a Father a competition; as if you’ll get an Academy Award for being something you’ve created yourself… and it goes through our culture with very little-to-no resistance because of the [lack] of active Fathers. Within that [lack], not all of those Fathers are missing in action by choice either, […]


Fatherhood Part. 3

“Being a Father Series”   Fatherhood begins the very second of conception with the opposite sex. The soil that you choose to sow that seed in and conceive with will eventually become the mother of your child, that woman can play a major roll in how you are as a father and how you perceive […]


Fatherhood Part. 2

“Being a Father Series”   Being a father is heavily influenced by the male figures of the past. Things encountered in your father’s past that’s exposed to you during upbringing will effect you, whether it’s good or bad, it plays a big part in your roll as a father yourself, therefore you have a responsibility […]


Fatherhood Part. 1

“Being a Father Series”   Fatherhood is a hard, but it can be an easy task. Full acceptance of its responsibility is what must first occur before a man can even label his self a father. You can’t go into it not sure, if you’re not ready then you’ll leave an innocent child vulnerable to […]