Living Legend

Living Legend

Momma didn’t have a car, but everyday I was being driven by these vivid Visions walking to and from school, stayed cool on a hot Summer day dream of making my own toons, Bus stop was far from home, pause, put on my shoes and walk with me through the Valley of the shadow of homicide, drug sales, prostitutes, drug abuse and obtuse peers, gears from Sears, Walkman blaring, 36 Chambers in my ear canals, silenced all but the car horns, I’m honing my escape plans from these 15 blocks of hell, hoping, praying somebody doesn’t drive by and shoot, dodging coked up elders picking up Coke cans for a living, there was nothing Pleasant about my City until I got to Spruce, to be and what not to be was always apparent, enforced by an always ready with the belt Single Parent, I brought you into this World and I’ll take you out kept me out of detention, mouths don’t speak what the eyes Witness on these streets, unless it’s Jehovah; Grandma’s many Life lessons, that and her prayers kept me out of a coffin, as I grew and the quality of Life around me lessened, I asked myself more questions, looked for more answers, paid more attention to my surroundings, that focus brought me to my Destiny, Summer ’94 I stumbled onto my Passion; it kept me out of prison and all other stereotypical statistics known to a young black man raised by a single mom, memoirs of a Living Legend. Selah

A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.

“Living Legend” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2015, All Rights Reserved


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