No Pain, No Gain

“No Pain, No Gain”

No pain, no gain, I inhale oppositions then exhale propositions to excel any opposing situation, failure’s not an option, my Success, what’s your expectations, my Faith, what’s your medication, my GOD, who’s your motivation, my Positivity, what’s your meditation, my Love, what’s your sensation, no Fear, what’s your False Evidence Appearing Real patron, is it dying, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord that very instant, did I forget to mention, that my Father’s Kingdom have many many mansions, I’m a King, therefore my data connectivity with the CREATOR of Creations got me creating things that I vividly envision, files sharing from HIS mainframe, stimulating my membrane, pulling and arranging HIS Words out of thin air like We’re texting, HIS Hope keeps me coasting above insinuations like the wind underneath an eagle’s wings; what a connection, how’s your relation, ship your focus to higher plains, pay attention, pray to release that tension, your consciousness is cramping, get off of Charlie’s horse then stretch your thoughts and imagination, give me 20 mental pushups, lace up your intellect and run laps around the rings of Saturn, exercise your brain, condition your emotions, no pain no gain my friend, you’ve been sitting around in lamentations for far too long, get your foot outside of that urn, it’s your turn, c’mon, spiritual lunges till that weakness burns to ashes. Let’s go! Selah

A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.

“No Pain, No Gain” is A Pipoetry by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2014, All Rights Reserved


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