Legends Tour Begins!

Legends Tour Begins!


Palm beach we are now entering Round 1 of this Legendary tour hosted by MG Da BadGuy and company. This is first show and it only kicks off the first leg of the tour with featured legends of Palm Beach such as 21 Reese, Suave Smoothe, Mg, killa Kim and Four Pound. This Heavy weight show is expecting great numbers.
At the moment Palm beach is one of the most under rated cities in Florida, but with it’s wide spread of talent.


Palm Beach is sure to make its mark, and with this Legends tour which was compiled to exploit The city’s hard working artists that put in yearz of tearz. It’s not long before the door will bust wide open to make a way for the Old and new school artists. A lot of people say Palm Beach doesn’t show support, but after a well put together show by Mg at Propagand night club, which featured many of our local talents.


MG was proof that with proper promotion and personnel that our people will come out and be recognized.. So now comes the Legends of Palm Beach Tour that kicks off September 20th with music by Reylo & Dem Damn Dawgs..A legendary Dj.. This show is guaranteed to do numbers, so come out and enjoy the show, because the legends are about to show out.. Stay tuned… Be sure to check out the King MG’s Musiqplug where you will find everything MG . Just hit the Link!



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