Triple A Series Part. 7

As an artist… you must treat any project that you release like it’s special to you. If you just release your project with no noise behind it, as in promoting it and building some type of anticipation for the project; No matter your craft is, you will reciprocate the same type of response… silence, no noise and support.


People generally appreciate other’s confidence in themselves, therefor when you show the level of confidence that you have towards your up coming project they will at least give it a chance and check it out on its due date. At times, just from the confidence alone that you’re projecting when you’re talking about the project, you’ll get great responses and feedback from your audience.


Also, always come off confident without being arrogant, expressing that what you got coming will be the sh#%, and that it’s a must for them to have it when it’s released. Now, it’s on you to make sure that you deliver on your own hype, it’s critical that you don’t cry wolf, that determines whether or not they double back and continue to be of constant support to your artistry. So just as much as you build anticipation for your project, build and put equal parts of that energy in the product itself, then I can promise you that you will prosper…


You will Get out What you put in…



As An Artist… Triple A Series


Triple A Series was Brought to you By: Care Hope College


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