My Queen

You are worth it that I know
I can see your spirit glow.
You are warmth when my heart is cold..
I’m blessed as the 1 you’ve choose..
Royal be thy Queen…
From the concrete comes a rose.
Loyal be thy Queen
With a God fearing soul..
Chase me with your love..
I’m sure you will catch me…
You can have anything you please..
All you have to do is ask me..
I shall spoil you with gifts..
They’ll come without asking..
My Queen is worth the world..
And for the record I am bragging
My Queen shall have the best..
For my love there’s no contest..
When you stress I can’t rest..
You own that thump in my chest..
Before I lie I will confess..
I’m looking forward to progress..
With marriage we end the shaking…
And continue to be blessed..
My Queen shall cherish me through the good and bad..
Never turn her back or talk down on her man…
Willing to give just as well as receive..
We shall Protect our seeds and provide and ride by any means.


My Queen


A: Poetic Thought By: Marvel Saffold


“My Queen” Is A Poetic Thought Written by:Marvel Saffold © Copyright Musiqplug 2014, All Rights Reserved.


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