“Transcend” A Maya Angelou Tribute

A Maya Angelou Tribute


Born: April 4, 1928 (age 86), St. Louis, MO. Transcended: May 28, 2014


In my many years of writing since I’ve been a child. I never would have imagine or been able to guess that I will be apart of that special group of individuals like Maya Angelou. A unique set of individuals that are blessed from birth to touch others through our thoughts and words, transferred to visual references in such profound ways that you have to place yourself in a special realm, just to understand what you’re interpreting.


Miss Maya Angelou was one of the greatest at making you drift from her words and story-lines that she would create with her poetry. This power of Poetry and literature is next to the power of the literature we see in our Bibles. Not as important, but the influence is, it can repeatedly obtain good and bad depending on the writer, your readers will forever hold strength and value through words. Such as Hieroglyphics. That was Egyptian Literature… Writings that till this day feed us endless of information on life itself in general here in the 21st Century.


Maya Angelou was born in 1928. in this era I can imagine the pain she have seen and the dreams that she had that helped mold her into the writer she eventually would become. Prolific at her craft, she gave you vision of what she was thinking at the time through words that seem tangled, but only the shallow spirited would neglect it, because her Heart traveled deep and beyond space & time.


You see… Poetry is meant to help you see the world at a different point of view. From a side angle per say, instead of straight forward from the typical norms of everyday living. Poetry helps you understand the things you could never figure out, like a riddle that tells you a simple answer. I use my Poetry to influence and help others to see the light on certain situations, like; “Nigga”and “Daughterless Father” or King Pip’s “Scorn or Be Scorned” and “Psycho Babel” or Rose Red’s “Smh” series or even Holla’s “Fortitude” Yekesha’s Kesha Says series” and Yowab’s “Peephole of My Soul” All from the same spirit that moved through Maya Angelou when she grabbed her pen and pad..


We know she Had a Divine purpose, and she completed her mission with thumps up..


With that being said on behalf of all the writers and up and coming writers we want to Thank Maya Angelou for all of writings the famous and infamous pieces we appreciate the time you took to help pave a way for your fellow libertarians.


If you’re unfamiliar with Maya’s work, here’s a few links below:


Her Official Website is:
Her Wikipedia Page


Maya Angelou have recorded one solo album called Calypso you can find it on amazon, and she’s been featured on countless of other artists projects, including Chicago’s Hip Hop icon Common, titled “The Dreamer” links are below


>>> Calypso


>>> Click here for her Amazon Discography


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