M&Ms Part. 15

Nothing is coming to a physical sleeper, but a dream…


Wake up and sleep in thought…


Live your dreams…


After another short weekend, a fresh new beginning we’ve all been blessed with, so let’s take advantage of this reset. Don’t fall weak to your week, gain strength by getting started with positive energy this a.m


Mondays are lethel for creating a productive week. By Friday you will have completed all your tasks and will feel good about enjoying yourself plus your accomplishments…
Get up, get out, get motivated.


Remember that there is never enough. My point of telling you this is simple, use your Mondays wisely, because I am.




Be Ye motivated this Monday!



Motivated Mondays! M&Ms “Melt in your Thoughts, not in your hands!”


This weeks’ M&M was sponsored By: PBVI Nursing School



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