Bands will make her dance
But did she pay for class
Her skirt showin azz
This the female trap
Everyday they hustlin
For attempts to end their struggle
Pain is muffled by the sound of 808’s
And drinks lackin chase
Big booties small waist’s
Trying to make a hard case
Supplement her income
So a couple know her government
Know where she slumberin
But John was infatuated
Loved the way she dropped it
Didn’t like the fact
He wasn’t exclusive
Didn’t like where the relationship Ventured
John became stalkish
Left teeth, no paw prints
Waitin in the rain as she came
home alone no call to her phone
She said no, he insisted
At work a week missin
Before anyone inquired
She was a good girl no priors
Three months later
Found abandoned in a wooded area
By some kids playing cops and robbers
Most compromise their life
At attempts to do what some call “live”
Neglectin kids father’s doin bids
Leaders on death row
History for many
Front line lack leaders
Most follow doubtin ability
Because they lack symmetry
And fundamentals.


A: Poetic Thought By: Ronald T.


“Auscult” Is A Poetic Thought Written by: Ronald Thompson © Copyright Musiqplug 2014, All Rights Reserved.


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