Lord bless the faculty
Southern by locality
Cured violets appear black
Close your eyelids sleep wack
I’m partial to prime
Industry lacking my kind
Applause to the grind
Not the crop
Plot on the top
All from the block
Aim at the spot
Till you strike your mark
Then enter the chest
And bleed the heart‎
You see I’ve been taught
Not to start
Don’t shyt where you eat
Is more‎ than a word
Word is all you have
I’ve even driven past
Turned circled the block
Left and now your hot, not
Always within earshot
And you cold as empty pots
Tempt me not
P. HoLLa a monsta
Access to that Heat
You seen in contra
Live by die by
G. Montra
If you alter the axis
Forty five degrees
Would it still snow
Where they speak

A: Poetic Thought By: Ronald T.

“Periphrastic” Is A Poetic Thought Written by: Ronald Thompson © Copyright Musiqplug 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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