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Coming straight out of Riviera Beach FL, Pc Tweezie short for Problem Child Tweezie has help paved a way for other up and coming artists in the local metropolitan area, he’s done it with his talent, his ability to connect with people, with hard work and dedication to his craft. Going on his 4th solo release he’s help bring Palm Beach County a lot of recognition, even with inactivity during his incarceration. Against all odds he still managed to make away for his self while holding down his label CTC Records.


In his own right he’s a local veteran, Problem child Tweezie has been at it since Junior High, taking control of his destiny since Triple Gold Records. At the age of 12 years old he was making hits and recording hood videos. Now he has advanced his game with his recent releases:


Space shit
From the Rec Yard to the Blvd.
Section 8 Click here>>>> Available on iTunes
And the Newly released mixtape
PC Jakes


He’s only 23, but preaches with maturity and wisdom of a 60 year old Pastor in the booth, giving game and hood knowledge that he personally encountered over the years…


Check out one of his latest videos below featuring Fellow CTC representer Lil Duke Pocketmonsta “Feel my pain”


Our community need more individuals like PCT to really show the youth in Riviera Beach and neighboring Cities that they can make it too, that if they dream out loud, stay focus and persevere through the tough challenges of growing up in the hood with its many social drawbacks, to not give up, not give in and when they do make it out to look back and reach for others. Determination alone, is one of the key reasons why we at Salutes Pc Tweezie!


Stay tuned, follow him and >>>subscribe<<< to his youtube channel! He’s already a Super Star in our eyes, don’t sleep on the King.


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