I'd Like to Report a Burglary

“I’d Like to Report a Burglary”



“Hello 911 emergency..”


Yes I would like to report a burglary… They stole all that we’ve owned.. Now my people are here living nervously..


“Excuse me sir I don’t understand..”


Well first off I would like to report an open kidnapping, we’ve been stolen from our home land.. Tricked and deceived, priced below our values then treated less of a man…




“Who stole who sir.. I want to help you, how did this occur.”


I’m not sure, but who ever thought of the plan it surely did work.. They stripped us of our Religion… our values… Then placed a low price on our worth… Stole and controlled our minds with a white Jesus and said that the only way to Heaven is through Church.. I can’t even find my Dreams I think they stole those also… Before I look for my freedom in this hay sack, I’m better off searching for waldo..


“Well sir I understand your complaint.. and I’m sorry for your troubles..”


Sorry will not help the big picture of this intricate situation, nor is it a solution, our neighborhood’s crime rates have doubled.. They’re even stealing our sense of pride by legalizing same sex couples..


“Sir what else did they take”


They broke in to Mother Africa and took everything.. Even the things that they didn’t need.. They stole our Black Queens from our beds and started creating mixed breeds.. They stole our education, we’re forced to learn what they teach… They bribed the church with nonprofit agreements, so that the Pastor is Robbed of what he should Preach… These people are thieves, but I pray for their Souls, I just wanted to report a cold case burglary That’s over 400 years old…


Can you send help…..


“(Whispered) wish I could son, they stole me too…(whimpering)”



A: Poetic Thought By: Marvel



“I’d Like to Report a Burglary” Is A Poetic Thought by: Marvel Saffold © Copyright Marlevous Thoughts 2014, All Rights Reserved.


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