You are who you are

Not who you portray

This reality

I know I know I know

You not that ni@@a

You claim to be

It’s plain to see

You a dame to me

Most are phony

So I have few homies

The first piece you

ever held was mine

I been cleaning that

bih since I was nine

your shine on part-time

P. A grizzly on that grind

bread on yeast

HoLLa on beast

HoLLa don’t clock out

HoLLa on knock out

Momma said it

I protect it


Will have them checkin

Where you restin

We don’t kill we

Send ni@@a’s on vacations

tha publisha made a statement

Fouls on flagrant

Play no games

a sea of red

James flames

Pots off kettle’s

HoLLa on rebel

Bread to not settle

Davidism metal.


A: Poetic Thought By: Ronald T.


“Scalpel” Is A Poetic Thought by: Ronald Thompson © Copyright Musiqplug 2014, All Rights Reserved.


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