Search and you shall find what’s meant to be, had you known how deep my heart is besides its guarded shallow appearance that you see, you would have dived in head first and explored the treasures of its keep, you’d find priceless jewelry that exudes its glory, its transition from bitterness to something that is totally sweet, love is a stare not a peep, even through despair you have to firmly stand there on your own feet or take the leap, bravely stay the course at all cost and seek, what Fate’s eventuality have in store for thee, believing does not warrant actually, that’s why love is not a feeling, to me it’s a belief, let it be thy religion, indulge in its curiosity, generosity, audacity, its often pure resemblance of lunacy, its sovereign fallacy, the dopamine that floods your brain and addeth velocity, strengths untapped whence you’re weak on the edge of defeat, blind when you can clearly see that its end results will only make you weep, my love is a search engine, be brave Google me, I have what you’re looking for, here is the treasure map go ahead, seek. Selah

A: Pipoetry By: Randy P.

“Seek” is A Pipoetry Written by: Randy Pipman (c) Copyright Pipoetry 2014, All Rights Reserved


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