My Life, My Joy, My Pain Page. 9

“Pure Moments of Bliss”


Around the age of 5 or 6 years of age.. I can remember one of my moms
relationships with a guy name Neol. He’s dad owned a local carwash called
Shorty’s in Riviera Beach. He was a well known man at the time, since then I’ve heard that he had some skeletons in his closet, but that’s not my issue, so I won’t dwell on it, but anyways who doesn’t? Who you…?


This Neol guy was always pretty cool to be around, he was charismatic, he made my mother happy, therefore I was happy. Him and my mother had a healthy relationship from my personal remembrance.


He use to take us to sit across from the PBI Airport right
along military. We would pull on a little field I and sit on the hood
and watch the airplanes take off at night while hogging down some
ice scream that we would buy from a local parlor. Just thinking about right now as I write brings back some of the purest moments in my life. The excitement from the planes taking off and landing, the bright blue and red lights on the runway and just the moment as a happy kid with his mother in a time of enjoyment was very


I thank Mr. Neol for giving us those moments. Thank you!


To Be Continued next Monday…


My Life, My Joy, My Pain… The Autobiography


A: Marvelous Thought By: Marvel


“Pure Moments of Bliss” was A Marvelous Thought by: Marvel Saffold from his Autobiography “My Life, My Joy, My Pain” © Copyright Marlevous Thoughts 2014, All Rights Reserved.



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